About Us

Fokus Asset Management was founded in May, 2011 within the body of Fokus Investment Holding.

The aim of the company is to provide individual and institutional investors who need different investment tools and ideas than fixed income products with the optimum profit matching their risk appetites, parallel to the growth process and expectations of Turkey in an environment of receding inflation and interest rates.

Fokus Asset Management was established and has been operating in compliance with the regulations of Capital Markets Board of Turkey.

Our Philosophy...

Understanding our clients well and correctly analyzing their financial profiles and places in the curve of life, to make sure that their portfolios are managed in the most efficient and accurate way with a methodological, analytical and systematic approach.

Our Mission...

Focusing on risk minimization in parallel to portfolio diversification and the correct analysis of our clients’ risk appetites and investment horizons, to render trustworthy, continuous, high-performance Asset Management services within the framework of private asset distribution, product creativity and proper charges.

Our Vision...

Putting our investors in the essential Fokus of all of our activities, to become in their eyes the sector’s authentic, transparent, reliable, high-performance Asset Management Company that is most creditable.