Why Independent Portfolio Management?


  1. In the the independent Portfolio Management model where portfolio managers are managing partners and the total success of the company is measured proportional to the success of the portfolios managed, the objective of reaching high returns balanced with risk management is more achievable and realistic.
  2. The objectives of the independent Portfolio Management company, the portfolio manager and the investor are aligned.
  3. Until the year 2003, only the banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies had the jurisdiction to establish Portfolio Management Companies. Therefore the asset management sector could have never developed independently from the priorities of the banks and brokerage houses that the Portfolio Management Companies consisted in. As for the current legislation, it has rendered it possible that independent partnered portfolio management companies who solely focus on portfolio management be established.
  4. Financial institutions have different products, services and goals that they have to focus on and create performance in. As for independent Portfolio Management companies, the only focus is to concentrate on the risk adjusted returns of the portfolios we manage.