Why is Portfolio Management crucial and secure?

        1.       Real Return

        The necessity to diversify the portfolios and the importance of the evaluation of different investment alternatives in gaining net real return at current interest rates is evident.

        2.       Risk Management 

The internationally accepted risk management methods are an integral part of portfolio management. Parallel to this, we create portfolio structures that are balanced with managed risks, by correctly analyzing the risk appetites of our investors. 

        3.       Experience and Expertise 

We provide continuous satisfactory financial services matching our investors’ expectations through the contributions of our experienced portfolio managers whose performances have been proved and who have had a substantial accumulation of knowledge and experience for many years in both global and domestic markets. 

        4.       Follow-Up and Concentration 

The fast-developing and integrating financial markets in the globalized world necessitate experience, proficiency, concentration and quick decision-making at portfolio management. Concordantly, our portfolio managers constantly monitor the economic developments both in Turkey and abroad, make analyses of publicly traded companies as well as different investment instruments and evaluate a vast number of research reports prepared by local and international houses. 

        5.       Time Management for Investors 

Discretionary Portfolio Management makes life easier for investors who desire that their financial assets be handled professionally.  

        6.       Determining the Basic Financial Need of the Investor Requiring Financial Planning

Financial Planning is, in its most fundamental definition, the entirety of the plans made to reach specific financial targets. The critical issue of FP is accurately identifying the investor’s financial targets, like wealth protection, absolute return, saving for the future etc.

Why is Portfolio Management secure?

The regulation as to the custody of the financial assets subject to individual portfolio management was announced by The Capital Markets Board of Turkey in 2005 with the Weekly Bulletin dated 11.25.2005 and numbered 23. The custody of the products belonging to the Individual Portfolio Management customers whose investments are managed by Asset Management companies can only be practiced by banks that hold “Custodian License” as of January 28, 2009. We work with Garanti Bank Turkey and İş Bank Turkey as our custody banks to preserve the financial assets of clients at bank accounts opened under their own names.